RoyalDice Updates

RoyalDice Updates
Were you missing the sounds when playing a round of RoyalDice? No worries, because we fixed it! Head over to RoyalDice now to play the new and improved version. It will be like music to your ears.

But there's more! We know you wanted a clear distinction between open and full games in the Lobby, so we went to work! Now, the open games are highlighted, so you won't miss a chance to play with your friends!

Thanks again for helping us continue to improve our games!

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leebirdseye -
I understand that there's a new version that doesn't use Flash Player, which is disappearing soon. I know some players are using the new Royal Dice and Bingo versions already. However, I can't find out how to convert anywhere here, nor will any of the players tell me how to convert either. I don't want my 30,000 coins to go "poof" at the end of the year, so please help! Thank you!