Exclusive Interview!

Exclusive Interview!
Do you want to know more about your fellow GamePoint players? This is your chance! We’re not only doing exclusive interviews with our employees, but we also want to get to know our players better! This is why we will do these interviews regularly.

Today we spoke with Muts45

#1 What’s your name and how long have you been playing on GamePoint?
My name is Marieke and I’ve been playing since the very beginning. I started with Darts.

#2 What’s your favorite GamePoint game?
That would be GamePoint Bingo, it’s the only game I play…

#3 What are your hobbies besides GamePoint?
I love Formula 1! I also like watching home make-over shows. I’m a cat person and my biggest hobby is Skyping with my grandson Milan. I also like to go to a cozy terrace or go to our local pub.

#4 If you’d be a movie character, who’d you be and why?
I'm not a big movie fan, but I think I have many things in common with Marge Simpson. I’m also the kind of woman who spends her time trying to please her man. My husband is just as easy as Homer Simpson, hahaha!

#5 Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I’m a social person and I love humor and a little bit of sarcasm… The word complain does not exist in my dictionary.

#6 What is your favorite GamePoint event or show?
Winter Wonder Week! It always makes me so happy whenever that’s being announced, and I like the Roads a lot as well. I also enjoy the interaction with the GamePoint office, so that means the livestreams. Love them!

#7 Can you share your favorite GamePoint memory with us?
A couple of weeks ago, I won 104.000 Coins with the free Bingo Card (1000 stake) that you gave us!

#8 What message would you like to give to your fellow players?
Be kind to each other and congratulate other players if they win. Just enjoy your game and be respectful, that's how it should be.

#9 Do you have any feedback for GamePoint?
Not that I can think of right now, no… I’m very happy with how GamePoint takes care and solves things. They always think in solutions and are willing to help, so I’m a happy player.

#10 Which player should we interview next and why?
BelindaDB, she’s been a solid player and she’s my long-time friend, so I’d like it if she could get interviewed next.

Would you like a chance to be interviewed by us? Let one of our employees know in the chat or contact support.

We hope you enjoyed this content and look forward to seeing you at the next interview!

Tracy3 -
I wouldlike to actually play games if it would load past 70 percent!!!!!!
PatC972 - 6 June, 2020 3:51 PM
I have the same problem trying to get Battle Solitaire to load
MornaGP - 8 June, 2020 3:52 PM
Hey Tracy3, sorry to hear that your game wasn't loading! It should be fixed now, but let us know if this is still an issue.
CoriS1 -
I love bingo,but i'm having problems with freezing and cant have full screen,i keep getting a blank blue screen.
MornaGP - 9 June, 2020 2:53 PM
Hi CoriS1, so sorry to hear about this! There are a few things you can try to fix this:

- make sure your browser is the most updated version
- close any other tabs or windows you have open when playing
- if possible, switch to a wired connection instead of wireless

I hope this helps!
dizzymunch -
same problem here 4 days in row now with battlesolitaire