Connection Policy
   Connection Policy
GamePoint actively works on keeping the games and chat a fun and safe place to spend your precious time at. We check all IPs against a special database and if your IP is listed, we consider your IP to be a high-threat level connection and we may restrict your use of our service.

High threat level connections
High-threat level connections include connecting to our games using Hotspots, VPS, VPN, Hosting companies, Private Proxies, TOR Servers, Anonymous Public Proxies, Mobile IP ranges, dynamic IP ranges of consumer ISPs and mobile devices. Note, some special browsers such as Puffin result in a hidden IP and is therefore also considered a high-threat level connection.

Restrictions could, among other options, include;
• limited/no access to the chat
• limited/no gift
• limited/no game access
• limited/no registration
• limited/no payments

Why do you do this?
Using an anonymous IP is your own choice. However, some players use this to abuse both our chat and players. This is not OK. Therefore we sometimes limit some of our services to some players who are identified as using a high-threat level connection. This way we can keep our games and chat a fun and safe place to spend your time.

How do I get full-access again?
This is where it becomes tricky, there are a lot of different programs such as toolbars, special browsers and programs that enable you to hide your IP.
You’ll have to find and uninstall these yourself. However we do have a few practical tips to help you out;
1) Check which toolbars you have installed in your browser. Remove all anonymizers, “Hide my ass” and other toolbars you may encounter.
2) Are you sharing the computer with others? Ask them to help you out. We often see cases in which a member of the household installed something without telling others.
3) Some special browsers that enable you to enter our games on a mobile device are blocked as well. Use our apps from official app stores.
4) Tried all of above and no success? Contact us!